The Root of the Problem

The past month has been so busy not only for our business but in our home as well. Somehow it flew by, while also feeling like the longest span of time to have ever elapsed. I partially blame that on the early November event that shall-not-be-named, but I don’t think anyone wants to remember that stressful time. Root grinding is a part of the stump grinding process if you what a job-well-done.

ANYWAYS. Let’s talk about ROOTS.

The Root of the Problem

Quick little horticulture lesson.

What do almost all plants have and use to drink water?

That’s right. Roots.

Did you know that the average root-to-truck ratio is 38:1? Meaning, a 6-inch diameter tree stump could have rooted out as far as 6 meters out from the stump (that’s almost 20 feet!)

They aren’t often something you think about until it’s too late & you’ve already ripped the deck off of your riding mower or tripped over one in your yard.

Root tracing is a service that we provide that cuts down on the exposed roots that have found their way to the surface at some point in time during the tree’s lifespan. Having your roots traced not only helps keep you safe on your property but also changes the entire look of your yard.

Root Grinding

In stump grinding, we always grind the stumps down to a minimum of 6-12 inches below grade to ensure proper turf establishment once the client decides to replant grass in the desired area. But if you have a stump that’s got a lot of exposed roots, we may suggest adding on root tracing for an additional fee. We’ve offered these services all over Clayton, Garner, Raleigh, Smithfield, and beyond & hope to hear from you when the time comes to tackle your projects!

Until next time,