Stumps All Over- Stumps All Gone

There are a lot of perks to what we do here, from meeting incredible clients to networking with other small business owners- but seeing an incredible before & after has to be the most gratifying part of our job. Most of our jobs are stump grinding in Johnston County, NC. We do service surrounding areas, but there are plenty of stumps that need to be removed around here!

We are always prepared to tackle stump grinding jobs big and small, so when we get to work on various areas of a client’s property we always are sure to take as many pictures as possible. We recently completed this stump removal job for Clayton Fire you’ll want to check out.

Who knew that such an incredible transformation was possible by just having these stumps ground?

Clayton has really exploded over the last few years, and we do a majority of our stump removal in this area. So many new people moving to the area, and so many trees are being removed.

This stump was a pretty decent-sized one with a well-established root system.

Just check out the sizes of those roots coming off the base of the stump!

We’ve talked about it before on our blog, but the roots associated with a tree are far larger than you’d ever think they would be.

They don’t always surface like this, but when they do they can cause trip hazards, not to mention the frustration when it comes to mowing your grass. Not all stump grinder companies are alike- and some contractors may try to skimp on getting these roots completely removed.

We always make it a priority to talk with our clients to find out exactly what they’re looking for and use our fine-tuned attention to detail to get these jobs done as well as we possibly can.

With minimal effort, the homeowner can now get turf established relatively quickly by adding a little bit of topsoil & seeding!

By leaving the grindings behind & raking them out flush, they can help to prevent erosion in the future & promote the growth of grass.

As I mentioned before, we moved all over this Johnston County property and ground stumps in various locations. Most of the appeal that comes from living in Clayton, like much of Johnston County, is that it’s relatively urban while also having a nice wooded country feel.

Stump grinding jobs of this size are pretty common, and we can offer some of the most competitive rates in the area!

Finally, we moved to the side of the house near the back corner. These two stumps were knocked out pretty quickly, and although they weren’t very big they had a large impact on the polished look of this home’s landscaping.

And there you have it!

By giving Full Circle Grinding a call, this homeowner was able to have 10+ stumps removed in an afternoon and completely transformed their entire property by having their stumps ground!

This job is one that I think of pretty often, as getting to move around on the entire property to grind stumps is something that I really enjoy- we didn’t just remove one stump for a client… we upped their curb appeal all the way from the backyard to the front!

We hope that 2021 holds great promise for all of you! We are looking forward to getting in touch with more people who need stump grinding in Johnston County in Clayton, Smithfield, Benson, Garner, and all of the areas in between!


Until next time,