How much does stump grinding cost?

Our most frequently asked question is “How much does Stump Grinding Cost?” Most of the time, clients may think that the size is the only factor when determining stump grinding cost, and we wish the pricing was that simple. Many different factors contribute to the cost of stump grinding, and I’m hoping to break that down for you in this post so that you can know what questions to expect when you choose to hire a stump grinding professional. Be sure to always communicate your exact needs to your contractor (this applies to all fields!). This can help you get the best result and the best bang for your buck and even reduce your tree stump removal cost.

If you are considering DIY stump removal you may want to quote a professional stump grounding professional before you commit to a stump grinder rental. You might be surprised you don’t save money from a DIY approach.

Average stump grinding costs can be between $160 and $500, many homeowners on average pay $350. A large stump could cost as much as $550 but each project is subject to its own quote. Here are the factors to determine stump grinding costs.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

​Stump removal is often a large part of your landscaping project. Hiring a removal service to take care of the stump and root system can save you a lot of time, work, and headache. Making sure you grind the stump below ground level is key and one of the cost factors.

Lets’s take a look at how stump grinding service rates are determined.

Size (Height & Diameter)

This is a given. The size of the stump is an important part of determining the cost. Starting with the height of the tree stump above grade and the diameter of the stump both come into play when estimating cost. Large stumps take more time and thus the average cost goes up. Small stumps are a much easier item to tackle.

How much does stump grinding cost?

Number of Stumps

It’s pretty obvious more stumps means additional cost. The average price changes depending on how many stumps you have. 

Tree Species

Not all stumps are built the same! The type of tree is a huge factor in how difficult the stump will be to grind down.

Dryer woods grind much easier than wetter ones. Pine stumps are the most difficult due to the sap content in the wood and don’t grind as easily as hardwood, like oak, hickory, or maple.

Mounding (or lack thereof)

Some stumps may have a mound around them. This is just dirt that is around the base of the tree that is above grade.

Oftentimes, it can make a stump look smaller than it actually is due to the majority of the stump being hidden under this layer of dirt. I’ve included a picture of one below.

It may only look to be a 4” tall stump when in reality it is actually a foot above grade- meaning there is a foot of stump to grind before you even go underground.

Sometimes we are able to knock this dirt down by giving the stump a quick rinse with a garden hose, but oftentimes if the soil isn’t too rocky we can power right through all of that dirt with our grinding blade.

Soil Type

Speaking of rocky soil in our last point, soil quality, soil condition, and consistency are crucial. Our grinding wheel uses carbide-tipped teeth to blast through stumps.

They have a pretty good life expectancy unless there is a large concentration of rocks present. When there are too many rocks in the soil, it can lead to premature failure of our teeth, leading us to have to stop grinding and swap them out for a new set.

This causes excessive downtime and can turn a 45-minute stump into a 3 hour one fast. Sandy or loamy soil is definitely the easiest to grind in.

Rocky soil isn’t impossible, it’s just something that we have to plan for & be ready to handle head-on.

Future Plans for the Area

This is a crucial one that goes back into communicating with your contractor. Just as it is important to pick a design style for a room when hiring a contractor, it’s important for a homeowner to tell your stump grinder what you plan on doing in the place where the stump once stood. 

Most clients want to know how planting grass after stump grinding works- in this case, we grind a minimum of 8” below grade, then advise the client to put a layer of dirt over the grindings for proper turf establishment. A natural area, such as a flowerbed where mulch or some other type of ground covering will go in its place will only require grinding around 2” below grade.

Can I plant a tree after stump grinding? Of course! If the client wishes to do some planting after stump grinding in the exact place where the stump once stood, it must be completely removed to a depth of more than 12’’ below grade to completely eliminate the taproot below.

We want to offer the best experience possible for our clients and increasing their home’s curb appeal. We also love hearing about what your plans are for your property!

Debris Around Stumps

Oftentimes people will pile up debris on stumps. Firewood, stone, even rebar. It’s crucial that these items are moved before we arrive on-site to expedite the grinding process. Lawn edging or stone borders may even still be present around the stump, and these items should be moved as well. That way we can get in & get out efficiently. If they are not removed that must be one of the cost factors.

Tree Root Tracing

Tree roots are some of the most incredible of nature’s creations. Did you know tree roots can go out in a diameter of up to 90 feet on a 30-foot tall tree? It’s extremely important to do a complete root removal.

Because most tree roots are beneath the surface, it can be hard to know exactly where they are and what direction they are growing in. We offer root tracing and have a great method for how we tackle tricky jobs like these for our clients. 

What does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

So back to the original question: How much does stump grinding cost?

Well, that depends but you can get in touch with us today to find out how much your stump grinding costs and get stump grinding prices! Some tree services will charge by half-day or full day. Get in touch with us and we can give you a cost guide for your project.

Have some stumps to grind?

We are ready to quote your stump grinding project at no obligation to you. Our 100% free quotes can be done in person or virtually. If you need stumps removed be sure to contact us today.

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